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Henry 8K Remote Control 2020

GEN4-ULCD-43DT  4.3", 480x272 pixel, slim Intelligent Display Module with embedded DIABLO16 processor and Resistive Touch Panel.

PCB, Remote control unit

On the printed circuit board there are two encoders for setting up the anode circuit and all necessary elements for communication with the Power Amplifier Unit, in case the project is executed in two blocks. Serial port for communication with a personal computer. Structurally, the PCB is installed on the display.


PCB, PA unit

At the request of the amplifier owners, I decided to go back to the project and develop new circuit boards on a modern level, design using modern components. The project consists of two devices. One device is located near the amplifier and is connected to the amplifier by a cable, which in the original design of Henry Radio, connects the amplifier to the control panel. At the moment, the design of the unit PCB is ready, which is located near the amplifier.

The dimensions of the PCB are 6" x 4". The enclosure is similar in size and design to the RG Tester project.  The program is developed in assembler language, debugged and tested in 2004 - 2005. The program has not undergone significant changes, dictated by the use of a similar microcontroller, but in its modern design. Connecting the unit does not require disassembling the amplifier or making any changes to the amplifier circuitry. We disconnect the cable from the control panel and connect it to the new unit. A standard RS232 serial interface cable is connected to this device and to the control panel, which is under development.

Henry 8kPa schematic

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