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Henry 8K Remote Control

Power Amplifier Henry 8K Remote Control. This page is about remote control system of Henry 8k Ultra RF Amplifier. In 2003, 2004 I worked in Henry Radio, designed in 2004 by myself. The remote control was developed on my own initiative.

Power amplifier Henry 8K Ultra Remote Control

Remote control was designed in 2004. Two units, one control and power unit. It is possible to control all functions of amplifier. 270 memory channels, frequency meter, tuning, auto tuning. LED Display shows frequency, inductor's motor position, capacitor's motor position and direction during tuning. Plate voltage, plate current, grid current, filament voltage. Forward output power, reflected output power, SWR value. Frequency segment, state. Solid state motor control allows you to adjust quickly and smoothly. Every think work under microcontroller control. Change the settings of inductor and capacitor takes place automatically. There are menu and help.

Keyboard has 10 buttons and two encoders. With the help of encoder occurs amplifier tuning with complete simulation of stepper motors. It does not require intervention in the amplifier circuit.

Microcontroller Microchip PIC18F252. Communication - serial interface RS 232. The control program for the microcontroller is written in assembler language. For PTT control used cable of serial port RS232.

Power amplifier unit. This unit has to be close to power amplifier. Unit has input power meter, forward and reflected, SWR meter. 8 channels analog to digital converter. Solenoid control with solid state switchers. Solid state motor control, PIC microcontroller, serial interface

Interface & microcontroller board.

Key board.

Power amplifier unit prototype.

All pictures of the amplifier Henry 8K Ultra from the beautiful site KA1CDE.

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