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Internal Gate Resistance Tester 2007

Full vector measurement capability

RG Tester 2007.   Project was designed to replace the main board MC_DG900 in the RG tester Dolian Graphics Inc., now  Tesec corp. 3041-R

The Rg tester measures the equivalent series internal gate resistance (RG) of MOSFET devices.

Assembled RG Tester board

On the multifunction board are: DSP microcontroller DSP5509, USB interface, serial interface RS232, display interface, handler interface, EEPROM. The measuring part of the tester is also located on this printed circuit board. The signal oscillator is made on the DDS AD9958, four clock ADC's clock are made on the DDS AD9959, four 7 order low-pass filters, four ADC LTC2202, a current to voltage converter. Amplifiers of a current and voltage, relays of ranges switcher, necessary voltage regulators.

 First of all, it was necessary to check the idea, which was the basis of this project. The embedded software is developed in the CCS 3.1 environment in the C language. The circuit board is developed in the PCAD environment.

Tester works over a very wide range. High speed and accuracy of the measurement. Ability to work independently as well as part of the system. Very high measurement accuracy and repeatability. Automatic selection of the measuring range. 5 ranges current measurement, 4 level ranges of output signal. DSP noise cancelling and filtering. Separate project decisions and test results formed the basis for subsequent projects of the Rg tester.

In December 2007, presented the project in the companies NEC, SONY, SEIKO, Ina Factory.

Internal Gate Resistance Tester 2013, 2014

Full vector measurement capability

Assembled RG Tester 2013 board

Assembled RG Tester 2014 board

Tesec corp., Test Department's Play Station. In this game nobody reached the highest level.

 Altera Cyclone III FPGA Starter Board

RG Tester board + Altera Cyclone III FPGA Starter Board


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