Amateur Radio

KM6Z  Los Angeles, CA      AA8CA (AD8IG) North Royalton, OH

Amateur Radio Station KM6Z. I am in Amateur radio since 1961. 1965 - 1968 - operator of club station UB5KQV, Technical school of radio electronics, Lvov, Ukraine.

In 1966 designed SSB transmitter, had fun. That time there were less than 20 SSB stations in Ukraine. But any way my favor mode was and is CW.

I was first licensed in 1971 as UB5BAV. My station at that time was home made transceiver and the simplest antennas. The first SSB station in oblast 076. Since 1992 used call UY5BZ.

Since 1999 I live in USA. I was licensed in 2000 as KG6ERO, now KM6Z. In ham radio my priority is – contesting, cw and sometimes rtty.


Station: The main operating station consists of an Yaesu FT-1000D,  fully loaded with filters and Inrad mods, included roofing filter. Timewave DSP-599zx.

The second station is Yaesu FT-920, fully loaded with filters.

SO2R - K3s/10K + KXPA100  + FT-920 +

micro KEYER 2R+ controller. + Comet H422


Photography as a hobby. Cameras: Sony Alpha 77, Alpha 55, RX-100 IV. Lenses: SAL1650, Vario-Sonnar DT 3,5-4,5/16-80 ZA, SAL50F18, SAL35F18, SAL55300, Sony HVL-F58AM.

The third station consists of Elecraft KX3, Elecraft KXPA100 Amplifier. Elecraft KX3 fully loaded.

MFJ 926 Antenna tuner, MFJ-949E Antenna tuner, Elecraft T1 Automatic Antenna Tuner, SARK-110 Antenna Analyser.

Antennas: The main antenna is Comet H-422, 4 band dipole, Deluxe Buddipole Package - Long Version & Accessories, Spiderbeam HD 12m fibreglass pole, Aluminium Telescopic Mast 10m.

Computers: iMac 27", MacBook Pro 15" late 2016, Mini iMac Server, Dell WorkStation M4300. Software: WinTest,, WriteLog, N1MM+, RUMlogNG.


Km6z/8  New QTH: North Royalton, OH        since November 2020

FT-920, K3s/k10 + KXPA100, micro KEYER 2R+. Filters 80 -10m. iMAC 27", Windows 10,, sometimes Win-test, N1MM.

1:64  transformer for end fed antenna 80 - 10 m. (Prototype)

There's a 41-meter piece of wire

50 kW, 850 kHz across the street. Not yet specified what power at 1100 kHz and 2550 kHz. Three more stations remain to be identified.  There are four masts one mile away in a west direction. Not sure what power and frequency yet.

 Coil + relay = 160m band.

 Correct winding, better Return Loss.

 UnUn for 80m - 10m - 4x FT140-77.
 UnUn for 160m  2xFT240-75

Projects, Contesting

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